My end goal is to create a unique piece "inspired" by Tano Bonfanti concept. The reason for my deviation from the concept is to maintain more of a human anatomy under the suit and to change some the connections and overall proportions of the armor to technically make it more functional.

Loraine howard iii tano full

WIP 6: Slowly adding tweaks on my free time

Loraine howard iii tano turnaround shot

WIP 6: Turnaround

Loraine howard iii tano update 2

WIP 5: This will be finished after Black Moth Mercenaries..

Loraine howard iii loraine howard iii keyshot practice paintover2

WIP 4: I did a Paint over, re-engineered the shoulder area for more movement . It's more of a shoulder pad with elastic to stretch similar to football pads. I also added smaller fine details and made some of the bigger components smaller in scale

Loraine howard iii 1 small

WIP 3: Detailing phase, I plan to add dents, wear and tear to add asymmetry

Loraine howard iii 04

WIP 2: Starting a clean high poly mesh

Loraine howard iii 03

WIP 1: Playing around with proportions